CD “Mud Tracks”


CD “Mud Tracks”

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Mississippi Mud Pie’s first CD has been released on March 31, 2011. The official release was preceded by a tremendous concert in P60, Amstelveen, with an audience of over 250 people.

“Mud Tracks” contains 8 tracks:

1. Messin’ With The Kid (M. London)

2. Little By Little (J. Wells)

3. Hear Me Calling (D. Johnson / J.W. Kanis)

4. Gin (J.W. Kanis)

5. Pride And Joy (S.R. Vaughan)

6. Don’t (D. Johnson)

7. If Only I Could (N.J. Versfeld)

8. Stoop Down (bonus track, T. Horowitz)

“Mud Tracks” is for sale as

           - a download at CDbaby (, $0.99 per song

           - a hard copy by sending an e-mail to (€5,00)

           - also available at and

Previews of all tracks are available through